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DIY Wedding Ideas

DIY Wedding Ideas

Separate your wedding from all the rest by adding thoughtful and fun activities. DIY projects provide something different for your guest and their children to engage in. These little projects are easy to setup and will make your wedding ceremony more memorable than the other traditional weddings people usually attend. 

  • Tags for Wine Glasses

Make your wedding more personal with customized artsy tags for wine glasses. Make your guest feel a little more special and cutdown on glassware usage for a smaller wedding ceremonies. Not only does this DIY accessory make your wedding more sustainable but you’ll also need less waiting staff to clean up after!

  • Vintage Wooden Signs

This DIY project works well for a festival themed type of wedding. Directing people where to go in a large layout will help your guest find fun activities to do. This will also help families with children who are spread out around the wedding venue to find where to go!

  • Save the Date Cards

Depending on the size of your wedding ceremony you can take time to write out personalized invitations that make your guest feel special.  Customized wedding invitations will make get your guest more excited to attend your wedding.

  • Twister

Twister is a fun game to paint into the grass in the yard and have everyone take part. It’s a classic party game that will get your guest involved. This is also an amazing ice breaker for guest who do not know each other well.

  • Limbo

Setting up a classic limbo stick can be a hit or miss at the right type of wedding ceremony. Get your guest involved to see how low they can go in dresses and tuxedos!

  • Doughnut Bobbing

This is a great idea to put those leftover treats to use for the children at the wedding. Just some string and a place to hang them will do for this activity.

  • Giant Wedding Wheel

This project will take more time than most, but it definitely provides your guest with something to do that will spark a conversation. We suggest that you personalize the wheel to your family and friends liking. 

Great additions for a mostly DIY wedding ceremony are glitter painters, mixologist, and some immersive food and drink entertainment!

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