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Elementor #8591

Skill SetCostume DescriptionWorking HoursNo. of SetsSet LengthRate Before VATResidency Rate (2+ bookings/month)Extra Sets Rate (Without VAT)Notes
StiltsStandard/Showgirl Option3340 mins£300£250£75
Themed costumes available; specialty costumes at additional cost.
FireBlack Catsuit335-8 mins (2 kit pieces)£300£250£75
Outfit changes possible at extra fee.
FireBlack Catsuit1120 mins (4 kit pieces)£300£250£75
Outfit changes possible at extra fee.
Stilts & FireStandard/Showgirl + Catsuit3340 mins stilt, 5-8 min fire£300£250£75
Themed costumes available.
DancerStandard Costume3420 mins£225£200£35 
Disco Ball HeadDisco Ball3325 mins£250£225£50 
GlobotGlobot3325 mins£400£350£75 
Glow GirlsGlowgirls3325 mins£250£200£50 
Giant MartiniThemed Dresses3345 mins/6 mins£800/£1000£700/£900£100/£200
Includes delivery within England; higher rates for Scotland.
AerialistCatsuit3315 mins/10 mins£700/£500£600/£450£100 
ContortionistThemed Dresses336 mins£500£450£100 
Acro ChimpsRed & Black3420 mins£350£325£75 
Sword SwallowerThemed Dresses3210 mins£600£500£150 
Bouncy StiltsThemed Dresses3420 mins£400£350£75 
Sax/Bongo PlayerThemed Dress2245 mins£450£400£100
Plays alongside a DJ.
MagicianSmart Attire212 hours£600£500£200 Extra hour 
Face/UV/Glitter ArtistNA212 hours£250£200£75
Requires table, chair, and lighting in club settings.
Mirror Men/RabbitMirror Theme3325 mins£400/£425£350£100 
Carnival DancersRio Feathers3420 mins dance/45 mins hosting£250£200£50
Feather colors: Green, Red, Purple, Blue.
Vegas ShowgirlsVegas3420 mins dance/45 mins hosting£250£200£50
Feather colors: Black, Red, Pink, White.
HostessesBlack DressMin 4 hoursNANA£28ph£25phNA
Extra charge for dress variations; client-provided dresses acceptable.
Walkabout CharactersVarious Themes3330 mins£300£250£75
Includes characters like Gingerbread men, fairies, Care Bears.
JugglerThemed Dress3325 mins£400£350£75 
Roller Skate CharactersThemed Dress3325 mins£400£350£75
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