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Bassically stands at the forefront of a musical revolution, delivering a pulsating live house music experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional performance. Step into a realm where classic house and club hits from the past four decades come alive in a way that defies expectations – this is not your typical DJ-driven affair, but a fully immersive and awe-inspiring journey into the heart of the dance music scene. Bassically redefines the live music landscape by breathing new life into iconic ’80s and ’90s house classics. Unlike other similar acts, their renditions are meticulously crafted as live instrumental sets, infusing each track with a vitality that can only be achieved by human hands and instruments.  
Here are the highlights:
  • The allure of Bassically lies not only in their masterful reinterpretation of club classics but in their commitment to defying conventions. Rejecting the traditional covers band playbook, they seamlessly blend their sets into a continuous, uninterrupted DJ-style mix, creating an immersive atmosphere between the audience and the band. The beats never drop, the energy never wanes, and the dancefloor becomes a pulsating entity of its own.
  • What truly sets Bassically apart is their fearless departure from the norms of dance music. Rejecting the industry standard, they focus on expanding instrumental techniques to breathe new and dazzling life into electronic compositions. The result is an irresistibly compelling show that captivates the heart, moves the feet, and stimulates the mind.
  • Featuring a male and female singer, drummer, synth players, keyboard players and live samples, Basically is an unforgettable 6-piece band, delivering a live house experience to your next event!
  Imagine being transported back to the heyday of raves and clubs, with Bassically as your guide through the throbbing beats and infectious rhythms. Perfect for weddings craving an unforgettable party or corporate events seeking something beyond the ordinary, Bassically promises a ground breaking live music experience that defies expectations and redefines the very essence of house music. For those searching for something new in live music, Bassically is the revelation you’ve been waiting for.   To discuss this act attending your event, book a call with one of our team.
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