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calvos contact jugglers

Introducing Calvos contact jugglers, an elegant and unique walkabout act that combines the art of contact juggling, statuesque stilt walking, and beautiful cirque-style costuming. This mesmerising performance has graced worldwide corporate events, street theatre festivals, and exclusive private functions, offering high-quality circus entertainment with an extraordinary twist. Step into a tranquil and mysterious world as Calvos contact jugglers brings a beautifully surreal sense of suspended time and alternative physical laws. Witness glass balls appearing to float and glide mid-air, unusually tall characters frozen in enigmatic synchronicity, all surrounded by a magical soundscape. Calvos contact jugglers captivate their audience as they perform both ground-level crystal ball juggling and stilt walking characters, either individually or in tandem. Take a look at what makes this act is so special:
  • Standing on stilts, the Calvos stilt walkers create an awe-inspiring presence, showcasing zen-like freezes and graceful movements that frame and escort their contact juggling partners.
  • With silent and hidden wireless technology, these performers effortlessly transition from statuesque poses to fluid motion, leaving spectators captivated by the stunning effects.
  • The act is further enhanced by powerful hidden PA systems, creating a magical soundscape that envelops the entire performance.
  • Calvos stilt walkers can perform alongside their contact jugglers or independently, making them suitable for large public events and intimate settings alike, such as entrances to private functions.
  • As the UK’s top performers of ‘contact juggling,’ Calvos masters the manipulation of crystal balls, creating a mesmerising display as the balls glide, float, dance, and seemingly levitate around the artists’ hands, arms, and bodies. Their skillful execution, captivating presence, and astonishing talent truly create a live magic experience that must be seen to be believed.
  • In addition to their contact juggling act, Calvos also offers walkabout performances with a range of alternative costumes and characters. Some artists even showcase high-skill music choreographed stage routines, adding an extra dimension of entertainment.
  If you’re looking for an extraordinary and enchanting live act, Calvos is the perfect choice. Book them today and let their elegant fusion of contact juggling, stilt walking, and captivating costumes transport your audience into a realm of wonder and awe. Prepare to witness real-live magic that will leave a lasting impression on all who behold it.   To discuss this act attending your event, book a call with one of our team. Acts you may also like If there is an act you would like but cannot find please get in touch and we can source this for you or create a bespoke act.
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