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Elevate Your Event with the Enchanting Disco Bunnies: Radiating Glamour and Vibrancy

Hailing from the United Kingdom and poised to take their captivating act worldwide, Disco Bunnies stand as the epitome of dazzling entertainment. Seamlessly adapting to a myriad of occasions, they infuse an air of excitement that transforms ordinary gatherings into extraordinary experiences.

Tailored for Perfection:

  • Easter Events: Add a touch of magic to your Easter celebrations with their whimsical presence. Their animated charm brings a unique twist to traditional festivities, delighting both young and old.
  • Private Parties: For exclusive gatherings, they serve as the perfect icebreaker, creating an atmosphere of amusement and intrigue. Their presence sets the tone for a night of unforgettable memories.
  • Festivals & Nightclubs: At festivals and nightclubs, they will take the stage, igniting the dance floor with their electrifying disco moves. Their dynamic energy is contagious, inviting revellers to join in the revelry.
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs: Infuse a dash of glamour into coming-of-age celebrations with the glittering Disco Bunnies. Their vivacity aligns perfectly with the spirit of joy and transition these events embody.
  • 70s Parties & Alice in Wonderland Themes: Whether it’s a nostalgic trip back to the ’70s or an enchanting journey into Wonderland, they adapt seamlessly, enhancing the thematic essence of the occasion.
  • Gala Events & Award Ceremonies: Elevate the grandeur of galas and award ceremonies with the presence of Disco Bunnies. Their shimmering costumes and captivating moves add an element of sophistication and flair.
  • Product Launches & Corporate Events: For corporate gatherings, they inject a dose of liveliness, fostering an engaging atmosphere that facilitates networking and interaction.

Unveiling the Allure:

  • Dynamic Interactions: The Disco Bunnies are masters of versatility, effortlessly transitioning from meet and greet to dazzling dance floor moves. Meanwhile, their ability to engage with guests on various levels ensures an unforgettable experience.
  • Mirror Magic: Adorned with over 1,000 diamond-shaped mirrors, from ears to toes, they radiate an iridescent allure that captivates all who behold them.
  • Captivating Imagery: A sight to behold, Disco Bunnies become instant celebrities, drawing queues of admirers eager to capture a photograph with these shining icons.
  • Living Statue Enchantment: Beyond their animated presence, they can transform into captivating living statues, sparking conversations and creating an ambient aura during drinks receptions.
  • Unforgettable Sets: With four 20-minute sets, they ensure a seamless integration of their mesmerizing act into your event’s flow.

Disco Bunnies aren’t just performers. In contrast, they’re enchanters, weaving an enchanting tapestry of light, movement, and allure. For events seeking that extra touch of charisma, Disco Bunnies are the embodiment of sophisticated entertainment, leaving guests spellbound and ensuring your occasion is etched in memory.

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