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We lead the way with the world’s best live acts, and this is one of them!

The Interactive Digital Wall is based in United Kingdom and Spain, and is available to travel across Europe.

The perfect occasions:

The Interactive Digital Wall would be an ideal act for: Trade Shows, Brand and Product Launches, Award Ceremonies, Gala Events, Corporate Events and more.

Need more persuasion? Here are the highlights:

  • An interactive digital wall where beautiful visuals react to the body’s movement in real time, allowing the audience to move and play with their own digital silhouette.
  • Existing effects are winter flowing smoke, flames, snow flakes, water waves, trails or geometric shapes that form a perfect projected silhouette of the audience member and tracks their body as it moves. Bespoke effects can be developed on request.
  • A themed character can be added to the installation to guide the audience’s experience and make it even more magical, exciting and unique.


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Are you the next big thing?

Our roster is always open for new acts and artists who give their all. If you’ve got a special talent and you’re passionate about performance, we’d love to hear from you.