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We lead the way with the world’s best live acts, and this is one of them!

Jay is a singer and guitarist based in the United Kingdom, and is available to travel worldwide.

The perfect occasions:

Jay would be an ideal act for: Birthdays, Proposals, Engagement Parties, Weddings, Anniversary Parties, Summer Parties, Gala Events, Award Ceremonies, Corporate Events and more.

Need more persuasion? Here are the highlights:

  • Jay has been a professional singer and guitarist on the UK function and events circuit since he left school and over time he has learnt how to deliver the exact tone of music required for a particular gig.
  • Whether it’s an upbeat singalong set you’re after or a more background chilled out vibe, Jay’s got it covered. With his distinctive and soulful vocal style you can expect unique takes on popular classics from The Beatles to Bieber.


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