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Magical Elves Experience – Download Jingle-App to Book Christmas Interactive Entertainment

Is there anything more magical than a surprise visit from Santa’s very own elves right at your doorstep? ✨
Join us for a heart warming Magical Elves Experience, where the spirit of Christmas comes alive, and the wonder of the holiday season fills your home!

At RubyLemon, we’ve teamed up with Jingle-App – your favourite delivery app, and the renowned ice cream store, Humphry Slocombe, to bring you the most enchanting and unforgettable Christmas experience for you and your loved ones.


Our Magical package includes:


A Special Elf Visit

Dressed in festive attire, Santa’s cheerful elves will make a surprise appearance at your home, ready to bring the joy and magic of Christmas to your little ones.

Santa’s Surprises

You will receive holiday goodies for all of the family to enjoy. Our elves have prepared special treats that will add to the excitement of the holiday season.

Magical Moments Captured

Our elves will help you capture these enchanting moments with a special holiday photoshoot using a Polaroid camera. Pose with Santa’s elves and create instant lasting memories of this magical encounter.

Magic Dust Ceremony

Get ready for a heart warming and unforgettable moment! Our elves will perform a “Magic Dust Ceremony,” sprinkling enchanted Christmas fairy dust over your children. This magical dust ensures that Santa Claus knows exactly where to find them on Christmas Eve.


Booking Information:
  • Experience Name: Jingle’s Magical Elves Experience
  • Maximum Guests: Up to 15 guests (with 2 elves)
  • Duration: 15-20 minutes of pure enchantment
  • Location: Your home, local community, school
Available Dates:

We’ll be offering select days around the Bay Area to spread the holiday cheer. Be sure to check our availability and secure your spot on your chosen date!

How to Book:
  1. Download the Jingle-App
  2. Select your experience
  3. Complete your payment securely on the App
  4. The RubyLemon team will be in touch to book in your time and confirm all details
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