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Service staff are available for hire for various events, both corporate and private, across California. These professionals are perfectly suited for a range of occasions including Engagement Parties, Weddings, Anniversary Celebrations, Birthdays, Gala Events, Award Ceremonies, and Corporate Gatherings.

Here’s why you should consider hiring our waiting staff for your event:

  1. Helpful and Friendly: Our staff are known for their approachable and amiable demeanor, ensuring a pleasant experience for your guests.
  2. Professional Service: We provide fully trained waiting staff who are adept at handling all aspects of service with finesse and professionalism.
  3. Versatile Roles: Whether your event requires assistance with sit-down meals, serving canapés, or managing the clearing away of plates and cutlery, our staff are equipped to handle a variety of service needs.
  4. Minimum Booking Requirement: We have a minimum booking policy of 5 hours, ensuring that your event is covered for a substantial duration.

These highlights showcase our commitment to delivering exceptional service, making our waiting staff an ideal choice for your next event.

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