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On the most important day of your life, ensure every detail is perfect with RubyLemon’s dedicated wedding support staff in Los Angeles. Our comprehensive services cover everything from meticulous setup and efficient breakdown to elegant serving and professional drink management. Designed for discerning couples who demand seamless execution of their wedding festivities, our team pledges to make your special day both memorable and stress-free.

Comprehensive Services Offered:

  • Event Setup and Breakdown: Our staff meticulously handles all physical aspects of your wedding setup and breakdown. From strategically placing furniture to ensure guest comfort and flow to setting up intricate decor elements that bring your vision to life, we manage every detail. After the celebration, our team works efficiently to clear the venue, allowing you and your guests to depart with only happy memories.
  • Serving Staff: Impeccably dressed and highly professional, our serving staff are trained to provide exceptional service. They seamlessly blend into your wedding, ensuring that every guest feels attended to, from serving hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour to managing the dinner service and everything in between.
  • Bartending and Drink Service: Our skilled bartenders add a splash of sophistication to your wedding, crafting everything from classic cocktails to custom creations that align with your wedding theme. Expect smooth service, from the welcome drinks to the final toast of the evening.
  • Customizable Staffing Solutions: Recognizing that each wedding is unique, we offer flexible staffing solutions. Whether you’re hosting an intimate affair or a grand celebration, we’ll provide the ideal number of staff to ensure your event is handled beautifully and professionally.

Why RubyLemon Stands Out:

  • Versatile, High-Caliber Service: Our team is not just about filling roles; we’re about creating experiences. Each member of our staff is selected for their expertise, professionalism, and ability to provide service that goes above and beyond.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Understanding that your wedding is a reflection of your personal style, we offer customizable services to match. From the initial planning stages to the final moments of your event, we’re here to support your vision.
  • Unwavering Commitment to Excellence: At RubyLemon, we pride ourselves on our dedication to perfection. Our meticulous planning and attention to detail ensure that every aspect of your wedding day is executed to the highest standard.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that every logistical aspect of your wedding is in expert hands allows you and your guests to immerse fully in the joy and celebration of your special day.

Booking Information: To explore how our wedding support staff can enhance your Los Angeles wedding, or to secure our services for your date, please contact RubyLemon below. Partner with us to ensure your wedding is not just an event, but a cherished memory that lasts a lifetime.

To discuss this act attending your event, book a call with one of our team.


If there is an act you would like but cannot find please get in touch and we can source this for you or create a bespoke act.

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