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Unique Themed Christmas Parties to Delight Your Guests

Unique Themed Christmas Parties to Delight Your Guests

The holiday season is here, and it’s time to make your Christmas truly unique with themed parties! With the help of RubyLemon, you can transform your gathering into an extraordinary experience that captures the essence of the holiday spirit. Join us as we unwrap the magic and explore a selection of themed Christmas parties that will make your celebration truly special.

Vintage Christmas Gala: Timeless Elegance and Nostalgic Charm 

Take a journey back in time to an vintage-inspired Christmas gala. Embrace the elegance and charm of the 1920s with glamorous decor, classic holiday tunes, and timeless attire. Prepare to be dazzled as our Vintage Showgirls, champagne skirt entertainers, and martini glass dancers bring the glitz and glamor to your event.

Enchanted Winter Wonderland: Step into a Fairytale Christmas

Imagine entering a world of shimmering snowflakes, twinkling lights, and whimsical decorations. Create an enchanted winter wonderland where guests feel like they’ve stepped into a magical fairytale. Sparkling icicles and mystical forest accents will transport everyone to a land of wonder. Watch in awe as our Candy Cane Ballerinas, fire artists, and tree stilt walkers mesmerize your guests with their magical acts.

Christmas Themed Masquerade Ball: A Night of Mystery and Intrigue 

Step into a world of mystery and intrigue with a unforgettable captivating masquerade ball. Encourage your guests to don elaborate masks and immerse themselves in an evening filled with Christmas charm. Set the scene with flickering candlelight, and captivating performances. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible skills of our contact jugglers, crossbow acts, and aerial bartenders.

Ugly Sweater Extravaganza: Embrace Whimsical Fun

Let laughter and lightheartedness take center stage with an unforgettable ugly sweater-themed Christmas party. Encourage your guests to showcase their most outrageous, tacky, and hilarious holiday sweaters. Decorate with quirky ornaments, serve festive snacks, and host an “ugly sweater” contest that will have everyone bursting with laughter. Be prepared as our hula hoop juggling elves and magicians add an extra touch of fun to the celebration.

Festive Carnival: A Whirlwind of Fun and Excitement

Bring the vibrant energy of a carnival to your Christmas party. Create a lively atmosphere with colorful decorations, fun-filled carnival games, and delightful treats like popcorn and cotton candy. Lively entertainers such as Santa Clause and Elsa and Anna will add a touch of music and excitement to an unforgettable celebration.

Tropical Paradise: Christmas Under the Palms

Escape the winter chill and transport your guests to a tropical paradise. Decorate with lush palm leaves, vibrant flowers, and tiki-inspired accents. Serve refreshing cocktails, tropical cuisine, and host a limbo contest for a unique and memorable Christmas celebration. RubyLemon is here to provide fire artists, sand artists, and an edible bubble volcano that will bring the essence of the tropics to your event.

This holiday season, add a touch of magic to your holiday celebrations with these unique themed Christmas parties. Whether you choose an enchanted winter wonderland, a vintage gala, an ugly sweater extravaganza, or a traditional Christmas party, RubyLemon offers a wide array of entertainment options to bring your chosen theme to life. So, get ready to unwrap the magic, embrace the joy, and make your Christmas celebration truly special with RubyLemon. Follow this link to request a quote today and join our newsletter!

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