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Event Staff Booking Contract 


Event Terms & Conditions for RubyLemon 

1. Payment and Booking Terms: 

∙ Full payment is required upon acceptance of the event booking if the event is within 1 month  of booking. 

∙ A 50% deposit is required if the event is more than 1 month from the time of booking. ∙ Full payment must be completed 7 days before the event. 

∙ Payment details are provided on our invoice. 

∙ Clients must book for a minimum of five hours of service. 

∙ Full payment for services is required regardless of whether services are performed in whole  or in part. 

∙ Clients are responsible for providing parking facilities for RubyLemon staff for the duration of  the event. 

2. Cancellation and Amendment Terms: 

∙Deposits will be returned if cancellation is made up to 30 days before the event.

∙ No cancellations are accepted within 14 days of the event; however, the event can be moved  for a $75 fee. 

∙ Cancellations within 48 hours of the event cannot be moved. 

∙ Amendments to the order must be confirmed before the event. Any errors post-confirmation are the client’s responsibility. 

3. Staff Engagement and Conduct: 

∙ Clients agree not to hire RubyLemon staff privately for 14 months post-contract completion. ∙ A 50% surcharge will be applied if a client hires agency staff within this period. 

∙ Agency staff are prohibited from accepting solicitations from clients. 

∙ The client is responsible for ensuring all guests comply with legal drinking age requirements. ∙ Staff have the right to refuse service to anyone at their discretion. 

4. Event Management and Staffing: 

∙ An event manager and, for weddings, a wedding coordinator, are recommended. 

∙ For larger events, staff captains are required, or an individual named by the client must  manage the event. 

∙ The client is responsible for providing meals for staff working 7 hours or longer. 

∙ RubyLemon reserves the right to determine the number of staff necessary for event quality. 5. Liability and Legal Compliance: 

∙ RubyLemon is not liable for losses incurred by external suppliers. 

5. Liability and Legal Compliance:

∙ The client is responsible for controlling access to alcohol and ensuring guests are of legal  drinking age. 

∙ Confirmation of this agreement indemnifies RubyLemon from liability regarding the serving  of alcohol to minors. 

∙ The client is responsible for complying with all federal, state, and local laws. 

6. Marketing and Photography: 

∙ RubyLemon has the right to record the event for promotional purposes, unless otherwise  agreed in writing. 

∙ Clients and guests may appear in marketing materials without the need for further consent. 7. Gratuities and Extras: 

∙ Gratuities are not included in the payment and are entirely at the client’s discretion. 8. Safety and Insurance: 

∙ RubyLemon follows government safety guidelines and maintains Public Liability Insurance. ∙ A safe working environment must be provided for staff. 

9. Complaints and Emergencies: 

∙ Complaints must be raised within 24 hours of the event at ∙ For emergencies, contact +1415 516 9395 or 

These terms and conditions are subject to change by RubyLemon at any time. 

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