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What Do Fire Performers Use ?

What Do Fire Performers Use ?

Fire Performers are groups or individuals that are trained to manipulate fire. Fire performers are strictly for entertainment purposes and stunts should not be tried on your own at home. Training is intense and lengthy. If you’d like to learn how to become a fire performer check out this link here!


Everyone wants to know how fire performers breath fire !

Paraffin – (also known as Lamp Oil, Mineral Oil or Kerosene) is the fire-spinning fuel most commonly used in the U.K. and Europe. Its a dangerous chemical to have on site as per it is highly flammable! Training to work with fire can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 2 years depending on the skills and tools you want to learn.

Fire Props

These are the most popular and the easiest tool to learn when starting fire.

The fire fans make a great accessory to any dancer in a venue !


Mainly used by male fire performers , the fire sword is an exciting tool to see at a Medieval type event or Samurai themed party!

Often used by dancers the Fire Palms are attached to the hands of the performer. This is also an easy attachment to a hired dancer to use for an event.

If you’re looking forward to juggle fire then you’re looking into doing a Fire Poi act. This tool is used for spinning and throwing fire in the air. Acquiring these skills takes more time than most other fire performance acts.

This umbrella is NOT going to help you on rainy day! One of our favourite acts is watching the fire umbrella dancers spin the night away. Don’t open these umbrellas inside, unless you’re in for a year of bad luck!

Vulcans create BIG fire, they work together with lycopodium powder to produce a trail of fire after each swing. Vulcan performances are slowly becoming more popular for fire breathers in the industry.

Alternatives to fire

  • Pixel poi

If you cant take the heat of being a fire performer you can start to learn the techniques by getting into Pixel Poi. These are LED lights that take the shape of the same tools fire performers use. Great for music festivals and exercise on your free time.

Safety equipment 

All fire performers should come with a fire safety kit which should include a fire blanket, fire extinguisher, or both. Also fire performers should always asses the venue they are planning on performing in . When learning to start with fire tools make sure your practice space is safe and that there are no flammable items around to catch a spark.


Where can you learn fire ?

If you want to learn fire this training the National Centre for Circus Arts is a great place to start learning . Have fun and be safe ! If you are interested in booking a fire performer for your event contact us at RubyLemon.

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