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Event Showcase: Dreamforce/ De Young Museum

Event Showcase: Dreamforce/ De Young Museum


Tuesday evening, we had the opportunity to take on our first client Smyle which is a global brand that produced an event for the Iberia network. We put together a team of docents for the C-level executives after the Dreamforce event. Dreamforce is an annual conference that brings the whole Salesforce community together for education, entertainment, networking, and giving back. Dreamforce is a gathering of Trailblazers from across the world to showcase their accomplishments and learn from one another. It’s a massive family reunion. After the event the Iberia team made their way to Golden Gate Park for the De Young Museum experience. Our docents explained how the current art in the museum should connect to the modern-day technology salesforce has to provide.

Uniting it’s visitors with local and worldwide art in order to improve visitors’ knowledge of and curiosity about the past, expanding their engagement with contemporary art and ideas, and sparking their creative agency in their own futures, the De young Museum covers all grounds.

Since its beginnings in 1895 in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, the de Young Museum has been a vital component of the city’s cultural character and a beloved destination for millions of residents and tourists to the region.

Erica Orange put on an interesting future focused talk about how we should observe time and the spaces around us. Her theory on templosion fascinated the crowd and prepared them to have a thought-provoking walk through the museum.



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Art in De Young Museum
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