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Cinematic Delight Unleashed: Films with Friends Takes San Francisco by Storm

Cinematic Delight Unleashed: Films with Friends Takes San Francisco by Storm

Cinematic Delight Unleashed: Films with Friends Takes San Francisco by Storm

Get ready for a trip down movie memory lane as San Francisco’s North Beach and Telegraph Hill play host to the Films with Friends festival, courtesy of THOSE GUYS SF, at the iconic Savoy Tivoli. This client showcase is all about celebrating the cinematic richness of the area and inviting movie enthusiasts to trade in their couches for a night of communal film-watching fun.


The Savoy Tivoli, steeped in history, set the stage for an evening of nostalgia and extraterrestrial amusement with a special screening of the beloved classic, “Killer Klowns from Outer Space.” The air was thick with anticipation as cinephiles gathered, eager to partake in the magic of the silver screen.


Adding an extra layer of excitement to the event was the lovable Shortie the Klown, courtesy of the creative minds at Rubylemon. Shortie mingled with the crowd, capturing moments and contributing to the already buzzing atmosphere.


In true carnival style, the Savoy Tivoli transformed into a circus haven, complete with whimsical decorations and the sweet aroma of freshly spun cotton candy wafting through the air. The real stars of the night, Harrod Blank and Mike Martinez, the authentic klowns from the movie, graced the event, bringing an authentic touch to the festivities. A post-movie Q&A session provided insight into the making of the film and the behind-the-scenes magic of the klown costumes.


Amidst the cinematic excitement and carnival vibes, attendees were treated to a raffle with quirky prizes, including the coveted klown mask. Despite weather challenges and logistical hurdles, the allure of this unique cinematic experience drew a dedicated crowd, proving that the magic of movies transcends any obstacle.


THOSE GUYS SF and Rubylemon went beyond a simple film screening; they curated an immersive experience that embraced the communal spirit of film. The Killer Klowns from Outer Space bash at Savoy Tivoli wasn’t just a night at the movies; it was a journey into the heart of San Francisco’s film culture, leaving attendees eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this reel adventure.




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