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RubyLemon specializes in transforming any event into an extraordinary experience with our extensive range of themed entertainment options. Each theme is carefully curated to immerse your guests in a unique world, ensuring that your event is not just memorable but truly one-of-a-kind. Below are some of the themed events we can bring to life:

Vintage Circus Step back in time to the golden age of the circus. This theme features classic circus performers like jugglers, acrobats, and clowns, alongside fortune tellers and fire eaters, all set against a backdrop of vintage circus tents and décor. It’s perfect for creating a magical, nostalgic atmosphere that captivates guests of all ages.

Hollywood Glamour Roll out the red carpet and let your guests experience the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood premiere. This theme includes celebrity lookalikes, paparazzi photographers, and live jazz bands playing the classics. Enhance the experience with an awards ceremony to make everyone feel like a star.

Winter Wonderland Transform your event space into a magical snowy landscape with ice sculptures, snow machines, and crystal-clear lighting. Entertainment can include ice skaters performing graceful routines, carol singers evoking the spirit of the season, and themed photo booths complete with winter props.

Tropical Paradise Bring the vibrant colors and relaxed vibes of a tropical island to your event. This theme can feature steel drum bands, limbo dancers, and fire performers, along with tiki bars serving exotic cocktails. Decorate with palm trees, beach sand, and flower leis to complete the island experience.

Medieval Banquet Take your guests back to the Middle Ages with a feast fit for a king. Entertainment options include jesters, minstrels, and sword-fighting knights. The venue can be decorated with medieval banners, torches, and long banquet tables to create an authentic historical atmosphere.

Futuristic Look ahead with a theme that transports your guests into the future. Think LED dancers, digital magicians, and VR experiences that allow guests to explore new worlds. The futuristic theme is perfect for showcasing innovation or simply providing a cutting-edge twist to your event.

Masquerade Ball Add an element of mystery and elegance with a masquerade ball. Guests can don ornate masks and formal attire, dancing the night away to classical music. The entertainment can include opera singers and a live orchestra, with opulent decorations to match the sophisticated vibe.

Around the World Celebrate the diversity of cultures with an around-the-world theme. This can include international music acts, folk dancers, and cuisine from different countries. It’s a fantastic way to take guests on a global journey without leaving the venue.

Safari Adventure Create a wild experience with a safari-themed event. Decorate with jungle foliage and animal prints, and entertain guests with drum circles, animal impersonators, and guided virtual safari tours. It’s an adventurous theme that brings the thrill of an African safari to your event.

Roaring Twenties Transport your guests to the era of jazz, flappers, and speakeasies. Entertainment options include Gatsby-inspired jazz bands, Charleston dancers, and vintage photo booths. It’s a glamorous theme that revives the excitement and style of the 1920s.

With RubyLemon, each themed event is a bespoke creation, tailored to your specific requirements and vision. Our global access to top-tier entertainment ensures that no matter the theme, we can bring your dream event to life, anywhere in the world. Let us help you make your next themed event a truly unforgettable experience.

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