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hire 1920's dancers

Leading the way in extraordinary entertainment, the 1920s Dancers stand out as a top-tier live act globally. They are ready to bring the vibrant essence of the Roaring Twenties to your event with their distinctive style. Spanning across the world, dancers adorned in this signature style are prepared to embark on a journey, infusing your gathering with the lively spirit reminiscent of the Jazz Age.

If you are looking for a nod to the nostalgic at your event, these 1920’s Dancers are the perfect fit to a variety of occasions. As well as 1920’s and The Great Gatsby themed events, the infectious energy of these dancers are a highlight at weddings and summer events, award ceremonies and gala events. They provide a high level of sophistication at brand and product launches, as well as corporate events. These dancers fit seamlessly into the fabric of any gathering.


Need more persuasion? Dive into the captivating highlights:

  • Picture the dance floor coming alive with the fun and vibrant Charleston-esque choreography, a nod to the iconic moves of the 1920s. The dancers bring a sense of joy and celebration to your event, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the lively spirit of the era.
  • These dancers serve as portals to the past, transporting your guests back to the Roaring Twenties. The infectious enthusiasm of the era is recreated through their lively performances, creating an immersive experience that captivates every attendee.
  • Offering a dynamic presence, these dancers engage and entertain your guests with a variety of set options, ensuring that the energy remains high throughout your event and keeping the festivities alive.


As the curtains rise on your event, let these 1920s Dancers take centre stage, infusing your gathering with the rhythmic beats and vivacity of a bygone era. Book them now, and witness how their infectious energy turns your event into a timeless celebration that echoes the glamour and exuberance of the Roaring Twenties.


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