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Leading the forefront of innovative live acts, the Body Mapping Show stands as a testament to the pioneering advancements in the UK’s live performance industry. Having mastered the craft of seamlessly integrating interactive technology with the art of dance, the Body Mapping Show is an awe-inspiring bespoke performance that pushes the boundaries of creativity and engagement. 


What can you expect from this unique show?:
  • Each performance is a dynamic fusion of generative visuals, responsive lighting, immersive soundscapes, extraordinary character design, and captivating choreography, meticulously crafted to deliver an exclusive and captivating experience.
  • By harnessing cutting-edge body tracking technology, the dancers transform into living canvases, enabling them to interact with and influence the stunning visual tapestry that envelops them.
  • The team’s expertise extends to the creation of custom visual effects and characters tailored to your specific vision. Whether you desire a particular thematic approach, the incorporation of personalised messages, or the integration of logos into the installations, the team possesses the creative ingenuity and technical prowess to bring your ideas to life.
  • The result is a mesmerising spectacle that defies expectations, transporting audiences into a realm where technology and art coalesce seamlessly. The character designs manifest in ways that defy imagination, whilst the choreography weaves a symphony of movement and emotion that resonates deeply with viewers.


The Body Mapping Show is more than just entertainment; it represents a glimpse into the future of live performances. It immerses the senses, ignites the imagination, and leaves audiences spellbound. Whether you are orchestrating a corporate event, a brand launch, a gala, or any occasion that craves innovation and wonder, the Body Mapping Show is primed to astonish and inspire.

This visionary art form melds technology and creativity to craft moments that linger in the memory long after the final curtain falls. Experience the future of live entertainment with the Body Mapping Show – a true marvel that continues to redefine the possibilities of performance art.


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