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botanical bike

Introducing the Botanical Bike, an extraordinary vintage quadricycle that promises to infuse your wedding or special event with an abundance of charm and elegance. This unique and quirky entertainment idea features a captivating display of lush foliage, faux roses, and vibrant florals, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration.   What makes this act so unique?
  • The Botanical Bike is not just a stationary embellishment; it’s an interactive experience that adds a touch of sophistication to any occasion. 
  • To enhance the overall experience, the act comes with two thematically dressed Promotional Models who are poised to engage with your guests. These models not only strike charming poses for memorable photos on the bike but also serve a touch of effervescence, topping up guests’ glasses from bottles of champagne neatly stored and displayed in the front basket of the bike.
  • Versatility is a key feature of the Botanical Bike, with options for static and roaming installations suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. Whether you envision it as a stunning backdrop or a captivating roaming spectacle, this botanical beauty is ready to make a lasting impression at your private parties, weddings, shopping centres, town centres, arts and music festivals, street theatre festivals, and more.
  • Additionally, the act offers the opportunity for custom branding through printed panels, allowing you to personalise the experience and make it uniquely yours.
  Adding a touch of thematic flair, the Botanical Bike is available in multiple styles including:
  • The Bavarian Bike: Immerse your event in the spirit of Bavaria with blue and white bunting, oversized pretzels, and beer steins. This version is pedalled by two Bavarian Hostesses, adding an authentic touch to the experience.
  • The Fun Bike: A playful reinterpretation reminiscent of a clown car, adorned with whimsical elements like pom-poms, silly string, and bubble machines. Animated by two exuberant clowns, this option promises a lively and entertaining spectacle.
  • The Christmas Bike: Embrace the festive season with this adorned bike featuring Christmas garlands, poinsettias, and candy canes. Pedalled by either Christmas Elves or Christmas Living Flower Girls, it brings a magical holiday touch to your event.
  As a dynamic and enchanting addition to your special event, the Botanical Bike transcends the conventional to deliver an unparalleled experience. It promises to be a focal point of fascination, seamlessly blending into the ambiance of your celebration. Get ready to elevate your event with this remarkable fusion of vintage aesthetics and botanical allure!   To discuss this act attending your event, book a call with one of our team. Acts you may also like: If there is an act you would like but cannot find please get in touch and we can source this for you or create a bespoke act.
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