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Elevating the art of performance to extraordinary heights, the Carousel Horse Aerial Act stands as a truly one-of-a-kind spectacle, exclusively showcased in the United Kingdom. This breath taking performance features an artist who defies gravity, crafting mesmerising shapes and displaying unparalleled flexibility.

Setting itself apart as a unique and sophisticated act, the Carousel Horse Aerial Act transports audiences into a world of elegance and grace. Unlike any other, this captivating performance is a testament to the boundless possibilities of human artistry and physical prowess.

Distinguished by its exclusivity, this act unfolds as a visual masterpiece that captures the imagination and leaves spectators in awe. The artist, with their remarkable agility and poise, transforms into a living work of art. Each movement, each contortion, is a testament to the human body’s incredible potential.


What makes this act so magical?:
  • The Carousel Horse Aerial Act is an unparalleled spectacle that leaves an indelible mark on every audience member, regardless of age. Its universal appeal transcends generations, as the performance transcends the ordinary and takes viewers on a captivating journey through a dreamscape of balance and beauty.
  • This extraordinary act exudes an air of sophistication and uniqueness, making it a sought-after addition to various events and occasions. From elegant weddings to corporate galas, product launches and intimate gatherings, the Carousel Horse Aerial Act brings a touch of magic to any setting.
  • The artist, as the centrepiece of this act, displays an unwavering commitment to their craft, and their performances are marked by a profound sense of confidence and skill. With each graceful twist and graceful turn, they showcase the epitome of human capability, demonstrating the art of aerial acrobatics in its purest form.
  • With the option to book this act as a ground-based performance, the Carousel Horse Aerial Act offers a level of versatility that will cater to all venue types.


When the Carousel Horse Aerial Act takes centre stage, prepare to be transported to a world where art and physicality unite in a symphony of elegance and grace. This act redefines the boundaries of what is possible, offering a truly exceptional and unforgettable experience for any event. It is a class apart, a living masterpiece, and an embodiment of the extraordinary in the world of live performances.


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