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celestial stilt walkers

Presenting the Celestial Stilt Walkers, an enchanting fusion of Art Deco and Baroque stylings, adorned with a touch of Dior glamour. These dazzling Sun and Moon stilt Goddesses are more than just an act—they are a mesmerising addition to your event, promising a magical touch that sets them apart.   What makes this act so captivating?
  • The Celestial Stilt Walkers are not confined by borders; they span the globe, ready to embark on a celestial journey to make your event truly extraordinary. With the ability to travel worldwide, these ethereal beings are prepared to grace occasions of all kinds.
  • There are plenty of perfect settings for the Celestial Stilt Walkers. Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Summer Events, Carnivals, Mardi Gras Celebrations, Children’s Parties, Circus Events, Award Ceremonies, Gala Events, Brand and Product Launches, Corporate Events—these are just a glimpse of the celestial magic they can bring to your special day.
  • These divine beings, with their Sun and Moon-inspired allure, offer a delightful otherworldly quality that captivates all who witness their presence. The Celestials move gracefully, seamlessly blending into the ambiance of your venue. Picture them mingling with your guests, engaging and entertaining with an enchanting charm that transcends age.
  • For your convenience, the Celestial Stilt Walkers offer flexible performance options. Choose between three captivating 30-minute sets or two extended 45-minute sets, tailored to suit the flow of your event. This adaptability ensures that the celestial magic continues to unfold throughout the duration of your celebration.
  • Whether your event unfolds indoors or under the open sky, Celestial Stilt Walkers are the perfect choice. While they effortlessly grace outdoor events with their celestial allure, they can also adapt to indoor venues, the only limitation being the height of the ceiling.
  The Celestial Stilt Walkers are not just an act; they are an experience, a journey into the magical realms of celestial enchantment. Book them now and elevate your event to new heights with the celestial glamour, grace, and charm that only these Sun and Moon stilt Goddesses can bring.   To discuss this act attending your event, book a call with one of our team.
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