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Introducing Electra, an electrifying LED act that stands out as a captivating spectacle in the entertainment industry. Electra features an exceptional prop known as buggeng, a rare and entrancing element that promises to mesmerise your audience.


Here are the highlights:

  • Featuring a unique double buugeng performance, this act is a stunning display of beauty and creativity. What sets it apart is its full programmability to synchronise seamlessly with music, creating a harmonious and visually compelling experience. 
  • For an added touch of personalisation, clients can opt for the routine to be performed to their preferred music, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a little more versatility within an act.
  • The choreographed performance takes the audience on a mesmerising journey through the interplay of light, movement, and music. 
  • Freestyle sets can be included, adding another level of versatility to the act. Incorporating various elements such as buggeng, moon fans, pixel poi, and LED staffs, these elements come together to form a dynamic performance that engages and captivates spectators throughout the entirety of your event.
  • The Electra LED act transcends age boundaries, ensuring that it is enjoyed by audiences of all ages. The performers behind Electra are not only experienced but also exude confidence, showcasing a high level of skill that adds to the overall impact of the act. As they move gracefully through the performance space, Electra’s artists effortlessly mingle with the audience, creating an interactive experience that leaves a lasting impression on guests.
  • Whether it’s a corporate event, product launch, gala, or any other celebration, Electra LED act is adaptable to both indoor and outdoor settings. 


The Electra LED act, with its mesmerising buggeng prop offers a visually stunning and highly customisable entertainment experience. From its programmable synchronisation with music to the dynamic freestyle sets, Electra guarantees to leave your audience in awe, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of events.


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