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fire queen show

Presenting the Fire Queen Show, an enthralling spectacle that seamlessly blends the grace of tango with the fierce spirit of a warrior. This choreographed performance showcases the Fire Queen’s mastery in manipulating various props such as palms, fans, poi, buugeng, and a stunning crown that adds a regal feel to the act.  
Here are the highlights:
  • The stage is transformed into a captivating setting, complete with strategically placed lights, powerful speakers, alluring fire pots, and delicate candles, creating an ambiance that intensifies the drama of the Fire Queen’s every move. 
  • As if that wasn’t enough, the show offers additional extras, including a breath taking display of large-scale lycopodium, double swords, and pyrotechnics that will undoubtedly leave your clients breathless.
  • The Fire Queen Show is a spellbinding experience with a duration ranging from 10 to 15 minutes, depending on whether special effects are incorporated. Without special effects, the performance maintains its magnetic appeal, however, for those seeking an even more immersive experience, the 15-minute version, enhanced with pyrotechnics and other special effects, promises to be an unforgettable journey into the realm of fire and artistry.
  • This extraordinary act is versatile, suitable for a myriad of occasions that demand a touch of the extraordinary. From intimate gatherings to grand events, the Fire Queen Show can be the crowning jewel for various celebrations. Imagine it captivating audiences at weddings, adding flair to bar and bat mitzvahs, setting the stage ablaze at summer events, mesmerising crowds at carnivals and Mardi Gras celebrations, enchanting children’s parties, and providing a touch of mystique to circus events.
  Immerse your audience in the enchanting world of the Fire Queen Show – an experience that transcends ordinary entertainment and transforms any event into an extraordinary celebration of artistry, elegance, and fire.   To discuss this act attending your event, book a call with one of our team.
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