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Step into a world of sophistication and class with the Hotel Doormen – an act that effortlessly elevates any event to new heights. Dressed in the impeccable style of doormen from a prestigious London hotel, these distinguished performers bring a touch of elegance and charm that is unmatched.

Imagine the scene as the Hotel Doormen stand at the entrance, ready to open doors at shops or centres, creating a seamless blend of functionality and flair. Their attire exudes a timeless elegance that adds a touch of class to any occasion, making them the perfect choice for a variety of events. 


What makes this act stand out?
  • As they meet and greet guests, their impeccable style and welcoming demeanour set the tone for an event that exudes sophistication. Whether it’s a corporate gathering, a bustling shopping centre, or a council event, this meet and greet act is versatile and timeless, leaving a lasting impression on all they encounter. 
  • During the festive season, these dapper doormen spread holiday cheer by tipping their hats to passersby and warmly wishing shoppers a Merry Christmas, creating a festive atmosphere that delights all.
  • This act is available with both male and female promo models, ensuring that the charm and grace of the Hotel Doormen can be tailored to suit the specific needs and themes of your event. 
  • Perfectly aligned with Christmas, Best of British, and Royal themes, these performers add a touch of British regal splendour to your gathering.


The Hotel Doormen act is a testament to refined entertainment, bringing a touch of timeless elegance to any occasion. Whether they are opening doors with grace or spreading holiday cheer during festive periods, these performers guarantee to leave a lasting impression on attendees. Elevate your event with the sophistication and charm of the Hotel Doormen, an act that goes beyond the ordinary and brings a touch of British glamour to your venue.


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