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Introducing the Roller Lollipop Hoop Act, an electrifying performance that transports you back to the glamorous disco era, complete with a lollipop roller skating theme.

The Roller Lollipop Hoop Act proves to be the ultimate choice for entertainment across a wide spectrum of occasions. Whether it’s a Wedding, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Summer Event, Carnival, Mardi Gras Celebration, Children’s Party, Circus Extravaganza, Award Ceremony, Gala Gathering, Brand/Product Launch, or Corporate Affair, this act promises to infuse your event with boundless energy and excitement.

Prepare to be mesmerised by the enchanting world of disco-themed lollipop roller skating. The performer, seasoned in their craft, exude confidence and possess exceptional skills that guarantee an enthralling experience for all, regardless of age. Their artistry promises to captivate your audience, leaving them awestruck and delighted.


So, what can you expect from this dynamic act?
  • Sit back and watch as the aerialist dazzles your guests with their innovative and gravity-defying performance. It’s a visual spectacle that promises to be the highlight of your event.
  • As an optional addition, the aerialist can provide an ambient set, further enhancing the overall ambiance of your event. This captivating prelude will greet your guests as they enter, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.
  • The versatility of the Roller Lollipop Hoop Act shines through, as it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. However, it’s essential to consider ceiling height for indoor performances, ensuring a seamless and secure display.


Elevate your event to new heights with the Roller Lollipop Hoop Act, a vibrant and thrilling showcase of talent and artistry that will undoubtedly leave an indelible impression on your guests. This is more than just entertainment; it’s a journey back in time to the vivacious spirit of the disco era, a spectacle that will have your guests talking long after the curtains close.


To discuss this act attending your event, book a call with one of our team.

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