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Samba Drumming Workshops are the perfect icebreaker activity for corporate events and private parties. Featuring big surdo drums, agogos, cowbells, shakers, tamborims, and lively group participation, this high-energy and multi-layered performance spectacle introduces participants to the captivating rhythms and sounds of Brazil.

Throughout the session, the experienced instructors lead everyone through rhythmical exercises and challenges, ensuring they grasp the essence of Brazilian Samba. Subgroups assume ownership of various Latin percussion instruments, uniting as one to create the full, vibrant sound of a Brazilian Samba band. The workshop culminates in a loud, impressive, and high-energy final performance, creating a carnival atmosphere where everyone plays an essential role.


Let’s look at some of the specifics:
  • The activity duration can extend up to a maximum of 90 minutes, but for most groups, 1 hour is the optimum time frame. 
  • Samba Drumming Workshops can also be conducted as shorter sessions or multiple sessions for different groups, culminating in a grand finale where everyone comes together. The minimum session time is 20 minutes.
  • The workshops accommodate a minimum of 15 participants, and the instructors are experienced in handling very large groups; the more participants, the merrier! Handling up to 150 people is no problem at all.


Moreover, these workshops are also well-suited for schools, festivals, weddings, or any event seeking a unique experience. For corporate events, they are particularly well-received and easy to integrate into the program.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Brazilian Samba with these unforgettable Samba Drumming Workshops!


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