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Prepare to be dazzled by The Wheelnuts, an act that takes entertainment to exhilarating new heights! These extraordinary performers, adorned in vibrant striped costumes, skilfully navigate through crowds on their single-wheeled contraptions while juggling with seamless precision. Their high-speed antics and boundless energy will leave you in awe.


What makes this act standout?:
  • Blending elements of traditional circus performance with cutting-edge costumes and props, The Wheelnuts bring a burst of colour and excitement to any event. 
  • Each performer possesses their own unique talents, and when they come together as a team, their skills harmonise in a truly remarkable way. Whether it’s an exhilarating club passing routine, perfectly synchronised unicycling, or engaging one-on-one magic tricks and balloon modelling, rest assured that everyone will be enthralled. 
  • For evening performances, their stunning LED juggling clubs illuminate the night, creating a mesmerising visual spectacle.


Prepare to witness modern clowning at its absolute finest! The Wheelnuts redefine entertainment with their dynamic blend of skill, humour, and captivating performances. No one escapes their infectious charm and boundless talent.

Whether it’s a wedding, a lively bar or bat mitzvah, a summer event, a vibrant carnival or Mardi Gras celebration, a delightful children’s party, a captivating circus event, a themed gathering inspired by “The Greatest Showman,” an esteemed award ceremony, a glamorous gala, a brand or product launch, a corporate event, or any occasion that calls for pure entertainment, The Wheelnuts are the perfect choice.

Join us in embracing the exhilaration of The Wheelnuts. With their combination of lightning-fast movement, impressive juggling, and a modern twist on classic clowning, they are guaranteed to provide an unforgettable experience. Get ready to witness their vibrant artistry and allow them to light up your event like never before!


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