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Introducing Those Magnificent Men, a truly extraordinary act that will leave you in awe. The performers bring you an unparalleled spectacle with their highly detailed replica biplanes mounted onto penny farthing bicycles. These astonishing contraptions feature two cleverly disguised loudspeakers, resembling exhaust pipes, alongside a powerful subwoofer hidden within the fuselage.


Here are just a few of the highlights:
  • Prepare to be amazed as the “dashboard” of the biplane becomes a veritable treasure trove of music and comedy sound effects, instantly triggered for maximum comedic impact.
  • With tunes like Ride of the Valkyries, the Dambusters theme, 633 Squadron theme, Come Fly With Me, and an array of entertaining sound effects such as car alarms, vehicle reversing beeps, air horns, and even awkward fart noises, there’s never a dull moment.
  • Their banter with the audience is unparalleled, and they deliver an abundance of flight-related puns and jokes that will keep you laughing throughout.
  • As an additional extra, everything on the biplanes can be customised. The fuselage, the wings, even the wing tips and engine cowling can be colour coordinated, to incorporate your company or event logo/ brand or image.


As dusk settles, the integrated LEDs adorning the biplanes come to life, creating a mesmerising display. In the darkness, only the outline of the biplanes is visible, giving the illusion that they are truly soaring through the night sky. It’s a sight that will leave you breathless.

While this act is perfect for air/armed forces or 1940s-themed events, its magnificence transcends any specific theme. It stands tall as a standalone entertainment act that will captivate audiences of all kinds.

Join us for an unforgettable experience with Those Magnificent Men. Prepare to be swept away by the magic of the replica biplanes, the comedic genius of the sound effects, and the mesmerising glow of the integrated LEDs. There’s nothing quite like it, and we guarantee an evening of pure magnificence!


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