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Terms and Conditions UK

Rubylemon terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Event Details 

  • As per the details previously agreed and as per invoice

Payment Terms 

  • 50% of the total price is payable on acceptance of the Event booking 
  • The remaining amount is payable 7 days before the Event
  • Should full payment not be made 7 days before the Event we will not attend and no refund will be given
  • The terms and conditions are accepted upon payment of the deposit 
  • Our payment details can be found on our invoice.


Cancellation Terms 

  • The deposit will be retuned if cancellation is made up to 30 days before the Event
  • If cancellation is made within the prior 30 days, then any administrative costs will be deducted from the deposit
  • If the Event is cancelled within the prior 30-day term due to COVID-19 the Event will be moved to an appropriate future date. If no future date can be agreed, then the deposit will be refunded in full
  • Should we be unable to provide the agreed entertainment or staff for your Event, you will be refunded for any entertainment or staff not supplied, we are not liable for further compensation.
  • We do not accept liability for any loss incurred by outside suppliers and supply i.e. food, drink and consumables.


Safety & other information 

  • You agree that a safe working environment will be provided for workers 
  • We will abide by the current government guidelines surrounding COVID-19 
  • We confirm that we maintain suitable Employers Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance with a limit of at least £1 million respectively 
  • Any issues or complaints must be raised with RubyLemon within 24 hours of the Event Any contact made with RubyLemon should be within the hours of 9am and 6pm between Monday and Friday on 020 3575 1347.  
  • If there is an emergency out of hours please contact 020 3575 1347 or email, unless you have been given an alternative number 
  • Any media content created at your event may be used to the purposes of promotion and marketing on our website and other social media. 


If you please to discuss these terms and conditions further please book a call with our team.

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