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Winter Wonderland Holiday Party: Themed Performers for an Enchanting Celebration

Winter Wonderland Holiday Party: Themed Performers for an Enchanting Celebration

The holiday season is here, and it’s time to make your holiday party truly unforgettable. Imagine transforming your event into a winter wonderland filled with enchantment and delight. RubyLemon Entertainment has the perfect solution to add that extra touch of magic. Join us as we dive into a world of themed performers who will turn your celebration into a snow-filled extravaganza. For more details on all our acts for this Christmas be sure to check out our Christmas Brochure. Get ready to embark on a journey of wonder and joy!


Contact Jugglers: Mesmerizing Moves and Illusions

Every wonderland needs a jester, no one could do the job better than mesmerizing contact jugglers from RubyLemon. These performers will amaze your guests with their skillful manipulation of objects, creating illusions that will leave everyone in awe. Watch as they gracefully move balls, rings, and other props in seemingly impossible ways, defying gravity and creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Their enchanting performances will add a touch of magic to your winter wonderland-themed party.

Globe Fairy

Snow Globe Actors: The Ethereal Snow Queen in her Snow Globe

Unleash enchantment at your holiday party with the Snow Globe Queen. Interacting with guests, she creates cherished moments and lasting memories. The Snow Globe Queen turns your party into an immersive experience, where imaginations come alive and the holiday spirit flourishes. A press of the red button activates a magical snowstorm, transforming the space into a winter wonderland.


Winter Stilt Walkers

ce Queen Stilt Walkers: Majestic Wonders on Stilts 

Welcome the majestic presence of RubyLemon’s stilt walkers. These larger-than-life, multi-skilled performers will leave your guests in awe as they gracefully roam your party. With their towering height and frosty elegance, they embody the essence of a winter wonderland. Prepare for jaw-dropping moments as they mesmerize your guests with their stunning costumes and impressive stilt-walking skills.


LED Ballerinas

Winter Fairies: Dance in a Snow-Kissed Dream

Experience the beauty of ballet in a snow-kissed wonderland with RubyLemon’s winter and LED ballerinas. These two talented acts will transport you to a magical world with their graceful dance movements. Adorned in dazzling costumes and accompanied by enthralling music, they will create an enchanting atmosphere that sparks the imagination. Prepare to be spellbound by their captivating performances.



Free-Standing Aerial Hoop Performer: Captivating Visual Spectacle 

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of RubyLemon’s free-standing aerial hoop performer. Professionally trained aerialists will create a captivating visual spectacle right at your holiday party. The free-standing aerial hoop is the perfect aerial act if you don’t have rigging available at your venue. It can be placed anywhere allowing you to create a stunning performance space. Watch in amazement as this skilled performer defies gravity, showcasing breathtaking acrobatics that will leave your guests spellbound.

Human Animals

Human Animal Entertainment: Become Incredible Creatures 

Prepare to unleash the wild side of your holiday party with RubyLemon’s human animal entertainment. Step into the world of ultra-realistic animal characters, from majestic big cats to mythical unicorns and lovable dogs. These incredible performers bring these creatures to life with astounding attention to detail. Watch as your guests are amazed by these awe-inspiring transformations and witness the wonder of your winter wonderland come to life.

With RubyLemon Entertainment, your holiday party will become a winter wonderland filled with youthful magic and joy. Embrace the wonder and make this holiday season truly magical. Please follow this link to request a quote today and join our newsletter!

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