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Hospitality and Event Staff Suggested Guidelines.

Hospitality and Event Staff Suggested Guidelines.

Event Staff
There is a lot to do and consider when planning an event, large or small, formal or informal, both in planning and conducting events to ensure that expectations are met, guests are happy and beautiful memories arise. In order for your event to be a complete success in front of and behind the scenes, it is very important to have the right people on the team during the day! At Rubylemon we want to ensure that our customers get the most out of our staff they hired and actively seek to use their skills in order to get the best value for money. Here are some of our suggestions on how to get the most out of your event staff for maximum results and satisfaction. These tips are intended for all levels of staff, from simple hotel staff to salaried event managers, and can be used as a small guide.


Our six top suggestions for making the most of your event crew are now available for you to read and learn from.


1. Being specific about the sort of personnel you require and the tasks you want them to complete.

When asking or booking, be very specific about the sort of employees you want. During the booking process, we constantly urge our customers to be as precise as possible about what they exactly “want” from their team. This enables us to share our knowledge and expertise regarding the “kind” of employees that will be most suited or necessary for your event, as well as to understand and manage your expectations from the start.
Our staff at Rubylemon are skilled and experienced, their objective is to guarantee that customers get exactly what they want!

2. Event Preparation

For any event to be a tremendous success, rigorous planning is necessary! It’s much more vital to prepare everything down to the last detail when you’re working with a group of people.
Details like the order of activities, the number of attendees, seating plans, risk assessments, allergies, special requests, and so on should all be prepared far ahead of time rather than on the day of the event.
When it comes to events, there is no such thing as too much knowledge and understanding. What we can tell you from our experience is that a lack of advance preparation is arguably the most common factor that causes an event to fail on the day of the event.

We propose producing a readily accessible / well-positioned paper in the back of house area that serves as a “ought to know reference” that is recognized to and available to all team members during the event. This information is documented, which reduces needless contact and inquiries from your scheduled team on the day of the event and encourages proactive issue solving.

3. Briefing of the Team

A good briefing meeting before to the event is also a very valuable tool since it allows you to communicate effectively with your team without the stress of the event itself!
This is your time to be extremely explicit about your expectations for how things should be done. It also allows the staff to express any concerns, difficulties, or questions they may have with you prior to the start of the event service.
Schedule it for 30 minutes if you believe it will take 15 minutes. From the start, you’ll have a solid basis for the success and efficient implementation of your event.

Another factor to take into consideration is whether you have any additional information you’d like to share with the staff prior to the event. We recommend gathering as much information as possible before to the event so that we may communicate it to the teams prior to their arrival, reducing time wasted once the task begins.

4. Assembly

You can’t accomplish everything on your own, which is why you hired a team in the first place!
They’ve arrived, they’re prepared, and they’re ready for delegation.
Make sure your expectations and work requirements are clear and unambiguous. Visual demonstrations are also a great way to go. To foster synergy, we also propose assigning a person or point of reference to the team (as suggested above in the documented recommendation).
Effective delegation is critical to getting the most out of your event personnel and ensuring the event’s success.
Experientially, we have found that the most successful events are those that have a clearly designated individual distributing duties clearly and successfully!

5. Weaknesses and Strengths

If you want to find out “who is good at what” quickly, ask the booked team members, “Ok, who wants to go and do (insert task)? “, or something similar.
You can make the most of your team members by giving them the opportunity to take on the duties that are most suited to them and their ability. What was the end result? Productivity and morale are both on the rise!
Your booked team’s strengths and shortcomings will be obvious to you as soon as you observe them at work. It’s okay to let someone know if they’re not doing exactly what you’d like them to. The manner in which information is delivered, however, determines the consequence…
It’s important to have a positive, yet straightforward, attitude. An example would be as follows:
You did a fantastic job during the drinks reception, Amy, by making sure everyone was well-fed and pleased. The same fast-paced attitude is required for dinner service, is that alright with you guys? ‘Thank you for your help!’
If you use this style of communication, you’ll achieve your goals.

6. Assuring Employee Satisfaction

Just as essential as having a positive attitude from your employees is that they feel supported, heard, and understood.
In order to keep your booked staff motivated, you need to establish a solid working relationship with them.
Our motto is “Treat your event employees the way you would like to be treated” and we live by it!
Constructive input, as indicated in point 5, is encouraged and may be a very effective weapon if used correctly.
Remember that the event personnel will play a major part in the success of your event, so you should handle them with compassion and respect. They are more likely to perform well and return for events in the future if they have a great time working with you.

Planning, delegation, communication and respect should ensure that your event’s personnel is everything it should be!
Feel free to get in touch with us at RubyLemon’s office to explore how we can assist you.
There is no need to worry about operating your booked teams yourself if the notion of it sounds like too much effort!

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