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Rubylemon Lockdown Hobbies

Rubylemon Lockdown Hobbies

2020 was a long year for everyone around the world especially for those who planned on having events to round off another decade. Here at RubyLemon  our staff  picked up new hobbies or spent more time doing the things they love. From horseback riding to yoga courses abroad, our staff made the most of out the unfortunate lockdown.

First we’ll highlight Chantelle our very own artist in the office. She was able to pickup the paint brush again after awhile without practice and created these beautiful pieces you see here. Painting for her was very therapeutic whilst the world was on fire. Although she loves working from home now, Chantelle does miss seeing her colleagues in person at the office.

Belinda spent time riding her horses at the stable in Cheltenham and was able to enjoy the good weather we had during lockdown at a safe distance away from the big city. She picked up horseback riding while she went to school and was able to reconnect with the horse that she loved so much. 

Belinda is looking forward to the new work at home model in place to continue riding more often!

Holly joined a golf club over the lockdown and found her new favorite hobby. At Lilley Brook  Golf Club she played the green once a week and loves going to the driving range in her spare time now. Despite the facts big events and normal life were not running she found a fun and safe hobby to engage in . She’s willing and open to joining you on the green !

Kelsey found time during the first lockdown to foster a husky until he found his forever home. It was a nice distraction from everything going on to focus on raising a pet. She really loves animals and said it was a rewarding task for her. On top of that she also completed a level 2 certificate in event planning qualifications. So now you know who to ask about your next big event !

To make the most of the strict lockdown the UK endured Lisa took a trip to Dubai to fulfill her bucket list task of becoming a yoga instructor at Karma Yoga Dubai. She spent 3 months abroad expanding her understanding and practice of yoga. Lisa also took time to alter and improve the operations of Rubylemon!


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