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Meet the Team : Kelsea Wall

Meet the Team : Kelsea Wall

Name:Kelsea Wall 

Company Role: Recruitment Executive 

What do you do at RubyLemon?

 I reach out to registered staff to see if they’re available to work. I also recruit new staff to join our agency by interviewing them to find out about their skills and experience.  I like to build strong working relationships with everyone we work with to ensure our clients receive great service! 

In my past experience I worked as an Entertainment and Staff Coordinator where I regularly booked staff into different events, from hostesses, face painters, and multilingual hosts to children’s workshop staff. Every day was different and that’s what I love about the events industry! 

From large to small scale events , there is a lot of variety and requirements from clients for different staff to suit their needs. As well as my experience staffing, I also helped a charity where I worked with the fundraising team and assisted with organizing events and staffed them with volunteers! From the age of 18 I’ve always been involved with events, having worked different events such as concerts, festivals, charity events and food festivals! 

Greatest Achievement?

Probably completing the Yorkshire three peaks although I did feel broken for days after.

Favourite UK City?

Newcastle. The people are so friendly, it’s a lovely city, and it’s probably one of my favourite places I’ve celebrated New Years!

Favourite City Abroad?

Barcelona! It’s stunning with great architecture, the weather was amazing when I went and I loved the zoo!In general I’m a big animal lover and have done many different experiences like feeding stingrays, giraffes, lemurs, alpacas and other small animals (most were done abroad in Tunisia!)

Dream Holiday?

I would love to go to Iceland to see the Aurora Borealis.


Everything happens for a reason, trust the timing of your life and what may be tough now, will lead you onto a brighter path 

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