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Top 5 LGBTQ+ Acts for Pride 2022

Top 5 LGBTQ+ Acts for Pride 2022

Top 5 lgbtq+ acts for pride 2022

With pride approaching on Saturday, July 2nd, get ready to open your hearts to some live entertainment this year with our LGBTQ+ acts for pride themed weddings and events. London will celebrate its 50th anniversary of the historic Pride parade that first took place in 1972! We expect around 1.5 million LGBTQ+ travelers to flock to the capital this year alone. Let’s take a look at our top 5 exciting acts that would be a perfect fit for any LGBTQ+ event you’re planning! Wow and dazzle your guest with our acts at RubyLemon!

1. DJ

Hire a DJ as an LGBTQ+ act at your pride event and let pride-related songs burst out from your speaker. Spending Pride month listening to catchy and inspirational songs is one of the best ways to celebrate this time. And hiring a professional DJ will consequently take your LGBTQ+ wedding or events to the next level. Some great LGBTQ+ songs to request your DJ are Born This Way by Lady Gaga, True Colors by Cyndi Lauper, I Want To Break Free by Queen, Girls by Girl In Red, and Dancing Queen by ABBA.


2. LED Glow Wings Performers

Glow wings have the right amount of dazzle for your LGBTQ+ event. The performer uses these by swinging arms and flowing dance movements to create the perfect amount of light to exceed guests expectations. The rainbow colors of the LED Glow Wings are perfect for any occasion, especially LGBTQ+ events! Book our glow wings so your next event can be as exciting and colorful as the meaning behind these celebrations!

3. Face Painting and Glitter painting

Face painting and glitter painting are essential activities to do during Pride month. For your next event, we highly recommend hiring a face and glitter painter and painting rainbow flags on your face or body. Be creative with paints and glitters and draw a rainbow butterfly on your cheeks or do rainbow eye makeup. You can also wear matching clothes and accessories like rainbow sleeves, shirts, bracelets, or shoes. And lastly, share your pride face painting and outfits on social media to promote your event and spread awareness.

4. 2 of Harps

Harp players are excellent for setting the right mood at your LGBTQ+ wedding. This harp and vocal duo are perfect due to the fact that they will make your event all-inclusive for this pride month! Showcasing fantastic voices and beautiful harp sounds will result in your guests feeling the LGBTQ+ support. 


5. LED Aerial Hoop

The colourful LED aerial hoop is the perfect addition to excite guests at any LGBTQ+ event! Programmable music to the LED lights is available with this hoop act. The hoop lights will change colours as the beat of the music changes which will display a fun pride themed light show as well as a great show for your guests. As a result your guests will always want an invite to your  events, especially LGBTQ+ themed ones!


Jiwon Jung, Julia Pinal

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