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Top 10 Entertainment Ideas For Your Children’s Party

Top 10 Entertainment Ideas For Your Children’s Party

Entertainment ideas for your children's Party

  1. Bouncy castles

Children can’t get enough of jumping around in huge and colorful houses. Some bouncy houses can have a basic square or circular shape, but the kids are thrilled when they look like castles and spaceships. The party venue can have as many bouncy houses as the kids like, and let them prance about the rainbow-colored balloons all day.

Along with the bouncy houses, the venues can have exciting themes like candy land or space travel. The kids can make another colorful childhood memory with a lively and dreamlike appearance.

Children can wear comfortable clothes and play mini-games in the bouncy houses. Some well-known games like “Marco Polo” and “tag” can be extra fun. As long as there are only a few children in each bouncy house, the parents don’t need to worry about getting bruises and bumps.

  1. Movie night

Movie nights with decorated venues are absolutely perfect for your children’s party. To take your kids’ movie night experience to the next level, prepare matching lighting and movie props. Some classic movies that would create a fantastic party are Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Minions, Dumbo, Toy Story, Inside Out, Finding Nemo, Aladdin, and Into the Woods.

Children can have snacks and drinks in their pajamas or movie-themed clothes to enjoy the full experience. For instance, a party with the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme would have a venue full of candies and chocolates with Willy Wonka hats and coats. And a party with the Dumbo theme party can have a circus-themed venue with a huge circus tent, balloons, stuffed animals, and hot dogs.

  1. Lantern making

Kids were amazed when they saw thousands of lanterns flying in the movie Tangled. With an appropriate location and an adult’s guide, making floating lanterns is a perfect entertainment idea, especially for your children’s birthday, holiday, or family event party. Allow your kids to decorate and write their wishes on flat lantern papers. Once the sky gets dark, everyone can come outside and release with an adult’s help. This experience will give them a sense of accomplishment and excitement that their dreams and wishes will come true.

  1. Baking and dessert party

If your children have a sweet tooth, have the most adorable baking and dessert party with them. With aprons and chef toques, allow your kids to fill crème in donuts, put jams on butter cookies, and put frostings and sprinkles on top of cupcakes. You can also dip marshmallows and strawberries into chocolate to add more sweet desserts to your table. Make them feel proud of their work and share their desserts with their friends.

  1. Karaoke

Give your kids a chance to socialize with friends while singing to their heart’s consent. You can take them to karaoke bars or set a karaoke booth in your party venue with many snacks and drinks. You can put your children’s favorite songs and artists mash-up. Add essential lighting to set a mood and start with a bunch of song cues to keep the excitement going. Make sure to prepare enough microphones to avoid any arguments. You can also play fun games with the karaoke machines. Give out prizes to those who earn high scores after singing a song to make the kids more enthusiastic.

Singing band

  1. Costumes and party entertainers 

Your children are going to be the stars of the day. Make them dress up as their favorite characters, such as princesses and superheroes. You can make your costumes with cardboard and paints or rent proper costumes. Encourage them to come up with funny scenes using their outfits and props.

To get your kids even more excited, hire princess or superhero party entertainers to interact with your kids, sing and dance, and take pictures together. While the kids are busy showing off their costumes with their friends and having fun with the performers, you are in charge of taking candid, silly pictures of them.

  1. Tea Party and floral design

There’s been a huge trend in society where people have events with a theme of Bridgerton, a show based on the Regency era in England. Children who love to dress up or play with toy tea sets will love to have a little tea party with their friends. You can prepare afternoon tea sets and let your kids wear fancy but comfortable outfits. And, enjoy your tea party with drinks your kids prefer and a bunch of cakes with different flavors. Along with the tea party, you can also invite an instructor to teach kids to make simple bouquets of their favorite kinds of flowers and colors.

  1. Treasure hunt

Kids are always full of curiosity. You can play treasure hunt with them at both indoor and outdoor parties. Hide clues of small drawings or phrases and the treasure in your party venue, and let them challenge themselves by exploring and solving problems. This is also an excellent opportunity for your kids and their friends to learn teamwork and grow friendships. In the end, you can prepare small toys or ice cream as the prize.

  1. Bubble show

Want to spend a magical day with your children? You can take your kids to popular local shows, hire a bubble performer, or make your own at your party venue. Bubble guns and giant bubble wands are just enough to have fun with your kids. Let them make their bubbles, jump to pop them, and play mini-games and activities like keeping them the longest in the air or drawing with bubbles.

  1. Photobooth

One of the best things parents can do for their children is to take as many photos and videos while they are still young. As making childhood memories is very important, letting your kids take pictures or GIFs with cute props and filters is a great way to make any events unforgettable. Photo booths can also give out the kids a great keepsake after a party.

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